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Raece Agustus Anime123

First Name: Raece

Middle: Angel

Last: Agustus

Alias: Forgotton Path

Race: Evrosthian

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225

Hair color: white

Hair length/style: medium

Eye color: Blue


Father: Vincent Agustus

Mother: Erina Xai

SIblings: Calleb


Likes: Women, Sake, Drawing, Poetry, Weapons

Dislikes: Arrogance, Crowds

Manners: Silent Kept

Skills: Weapon master, Bushido, Hunting, Tracking, Fishing, Weapon Smithing, Magic, Full Psionics, Regeneration,

Attire:Blue Trench, Blue Kimono, Sandles

Weapon- Ceedance- Dragonsfang of Mist - Magic : Can softly strike through barriers, disrupts them

Background: Raece is the half brother of Calleb. Vincents second born son with his second wife. Their father is a shamless Flirt, until his second wife. It has rubbed off on Calleb. But Raece remembers a loving father to his mother. He trained with the eastern villages, and a few battle mages. Schooled in forest life, Equine skils, and even the reading and writing of philosophy and ancient runes. Studied weapon forging under his fathers brother. Reace fell in love with a woman long ago, and she was taken by unknown forces, and all searching turns nothing up. He has since given up Lordhood of the nation, and settled into the forest area.

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