A slave for Passion ( Mature 18+)

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A slave for Passion ( Mature 18+) Empty A slave for Passion ( Mature 18+)

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Silver hair, streaked with violet, would softly blow behing him. It was as low as his mid shoulders, and tied back with a leather thong, blue leather. gilded with runes. His eyes were blue, but like a robins egg, it held light flecks of color, violet to be exact. This was a rarity aswell, but those pupils were like a pedators, and just as capturing of the soul. He walked through the lsave market, and looked for slave. He was in the deal for two, if money was right. He wanted one young, and the other could range. Though not old, and used like many. No, both had to be pure virgins, for him to take full advantage of. And both would enjoy each others company aswell. He smiled as he waited for the show to get on. His brother had told him to come here to look, in this city.

He was enough to keep the pickpockets away, standing 7'5 and muscular but lean. Kace smiled as he seen one pickpocket, life a bag from a person. As the man came his way, he softly moved, or rather it seemed he flowed, and held the man by the neck. A quick movment would snap the vertebrae, breaking the two closest to the skull. He grabbed the purse as it fell from the mans dead hands, and even kept the mans dagger. Well well, already a profit for the day. Guards would clear the dead man, but not arrest Kace. They eyed him, but not foolish to tempt his anger. He smiled and tipped his blue wide brim hat. His trench was the same color.

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