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A Kidnapping Anime-1

Ardent was part of the group that had captured her, one of the types that acted the brains rather brawns. He had been ordered to seize her, and had. She was tiied up in the back of the limo with her, as he sat drinking from his goblet of wine. Its color a soft blue and its age very, very aged. Soft and full of life, sweet and made from the grapes of his fathers vinyard in the japanese mountains. Yes, they had come from tokyo, and now headed to take her back to his father estates. There the guards would hold a task to keep her fathers men from relaiming her.

He looked over to her and combed a hand through her hair, looking over the welt from the struggle. Stupid man had hit her over the head, and the man now lay dead in her room. She was to be unharmed for now. And he thought a waste of such good ass. Maybe he would get to play with her. Well more then he was. Her top undone and titts hanging out. His hand tweaking her nipple to wake her. ...

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