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The world had been ravaged by the humans that had called it home, nukes had been fired and made much of the regions uninhabitable for years to come. But those on the verge of those blast ranges, after they had finally been told they could emerge, had found the place one of chaos. Humans whom were not killed, had been turned into something else, hordes of them seemed to travel. Superpowers, not so much, true many had been gifted, or cursed given their genetic shifts. Many were mutated into things beyond human, into the primordial beasts which humans had come from. As if this blasted them back in evolution. Now the Nations no longer ruled, but Cities, Those left and protected by their own forces. Small villages existed, but many were raided and added into the genetic decline as slaves. Also the Cities had captured those few free people, adding them as breeding stock, or so called, Citizenship. Those whom were sterile, no better then second class slaves, working in mines and feilds to grow food.

Here in the city Aura, was where the story would take place, his home for quite awhile, Vayne, Vayne Zaker. He worked in the City as a head of the Guards. Not that he cared for them, no, but it allowed him certain benifits. Like seeing those that were brought in, stragglers that were in smaller cities or hiding in the niches of fallen outer Aura. Now he was there, looking at the line of New Arrivals. " Ok, line up."

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