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Building a Palace. Empty Building a Palace.

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This Valley would hold two entrances or exits determined by your choice of travel. Thus there would be errected three walls to serve as Gates, each with properties of protection. As for the valley itself it was a large plains, held in the arms of an encompassing forest and mountain range. The mountains were all but impassable even on the spring days that brought some life to those grey sentienels. Standing upon one of the overlooking passes that lead from the west entrance, you would look out at the seemingly endless sea of green flowing in the gentle breeze. And in the middle of this land, one would see a single rise of ground, a plateau that stood in the direct center as if planned by some deity of the past.

Here upon this plateau Vincent would be standing, his form seen by those below that waited in trained positions. Mages would aid their sire, while the troops would encamp and set to work on their orders. Atop the rise would be Vincent, a lone black figure set into the bright sunlight that hung in middays fashion. He would place the bones and spell componants in a detailed design, that similar to an ancient spell to grant him power in this locale and lower others. Set he would then let his black flames ignight the spell, acting as a catalyst would be his own inner powers. Soon the spell would set forever upon this spot, as the walls and other parts of the palace rose from the insides of this great natural formation. Inside would be cut rooms, hallways, and other places, including a large basement like structure in the earths deep bowels.

The inside of the plateau would serve as rooms for the various trade and sleeping quarters for travellers. Lower would be barracks for the Soldiers and new recruits. The gates would be errected as a way into the lower levels, made of zyleirian crystal and adamantium in design of true Rwhol make. As for the newly errected palace this would be for the ruleing seat, visitors of importance rooms and the First File and Knights rooms. Here is where Aster will find everything a ruler needs. And the make would allow him and other Rwhols Power enhancements. The wo ways in is a path up the side of this plateau, that held two raised gate bridges for defence, aswell as a way from within the lower sections. This process would take a great many days and alot of his energy and those he had help. Once done, the warriors would furnish the palace and lower sections and move into it. Leaving a few Legions for the protection of the walls in the valley.

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