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Dardast Rwhol HotAnimeGuy8

First Name: Dardast

Middle Name: Zy

Last Name:Rwhol

----- Description------
Age: countless Millenia

Race: Dracophoenix - Daemier/ Dragon

Height: 7'8


Hair color: Black

Eye color: Crimson- Silver slit pupils

Skin Tone: Tan


Distinguishing features: Crimson runes/ Crests

------- Abilities------

Innate: Hellfire Manipulation
Magic potential Increase
Regeneration===Also able to Shapeshift increasing or lowering this ability.
Elemental resistances and some magical resistances.
Psi Abilities.
Healing Abilities

Forms: Dracophoenix, A creature with the powers of life and death mingled, it is Dardast true form. One that is rarely seen since he gave up the path of Darkness. It was once a feared being whom destroyed more then gave life.

Dragon- Lesser form of the Dracophoenix, and used when he wishes, mostly in negotiations with the Dragon councils.

Daemier- Chosen form for quite some time, this form is much like his fathers and has abilities to match.

Other: Matial arts, Strategic Command, Spellforger, Genetic Manipulation

--------- Personality-------

Personality:Dardast is serious, unless he is around his freinds, then the humor is let loose and he shows a softer side. Sometimes he gets angry rather fast, but tries to place anger into patience that seems limitless. Can be fun loving and generally is laid back.

Distinguishing Traits/Habits: Holds a natural charm that increases his charisma and leadership. His prankster side does rarely emerge.

Likes:Poetry, Wine, Beauty of Life,Weapons and weaponsmithing, New Adventures< Magic, Arcane Artifacts

Dislikes: Sensless fighting, Rude Behavior,

--------- Alias, Titles,Work History,Backgrounds.

Title:Prince of Zeroesfell, Starlit Knight

Alias: Dardast the Tempter, He whom dances with Death.


Father: Vincent Rwhol - Apocalypse

Mother: Tiamat- Dark Dragon Goddess

Siblings: Kross, Caleb, Gebriella Du' Grace

Background: Dardast was born in the plan to breed the perfect weapon for evil. The Death Dragon mated with Tiamat to spawn a breed of Dragons that would be fully evolved from birth, a savage draconic race that would whipe out weakness from the planes. Little did they know that some of these hatchlings would hold Vincents good side instead of total evil. She was angry and Killed many with this defect, Apocalypse saved many others. Dardast was one of the First to track down his father and try to kill him. Many fights consumed his first centuries of life, growing bigger and filling out to his fuller potential. Then something in him would make him see there was a sliver of good in him after all, and he stopped in what he belived mid kill. Actually it was no more then another Dragon whom wished to usurp the Death Dragons territory. The Dragon Died and Dardast would walk the planes in search of the now neutral Apocalypse. He was raised from then on by Apocalypse and shown the way of the Rwhol bloodline and how to rule. This was when Apocalypse had been married to Jenna Blayde, before she was lost in the sea of Chaos. He loved his step mother and tried to save her countless times, before he was made to see she would not return. Since then he has Taken over Zeroesfell as its ruler, and travelled to help his allies.

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