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Rave Evros Anime-1

First Name: Rave

Middle Name: Alisteariao

Last Name: Evros - Darkfire

Alias: Shadow Wolf Knight

Affiliation: Darkfire, Rwhol, Kingdom

Jayde, Zexquarius

Race: Evrostiras - Devil



Marriage Status: Single

Body Build: Toned



Hair Color:Blue

Hair Style: Military Short

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Tan

Distinguishing Features: Blue runes

etched upon skin, Devil Wings, Evrostrias

wings, Planar Wings

Personality Make-up-

Likes: Fighting, Stories of Lore and

Strategy, Wine, Quiet Tranquil Stream or

lakesides. Reading and Relaxing.

Dislikes: Rude comments, Idiotic Royalty,

Fighting unfairly, ABEL

Temperment:Silent Demeanor, Restless,

Loveless, Blood Rage can send him into

Beserker Rage, Intellegant, Cunning,



Family: Evros and Darkfire

Father: Dasher Evros

Mother: Zelaznitha Evros

Sister:Kira Evros, Scarlett Desiree


Brother(S): (Older) Vash

(Twin) Abel Evros-Darkfire

Neice(S): Zazie E-D
Sakura E-D
Amona Evros-Rwhol

Nephew(S): Raist E-D
Alexander Evros-Rwhol
Uncle(S): Zex Evros
Cormag Evros
Valter Evros

Aunt(S): Anna Evros

Cousin(S): Brall Evros-Rwhol, Zack

Evros, Al Evros

Freinds: Justice Darkfire ( Queen of

Family), Brall Evros, Jebus Rwhol

Allies: Darkfires- House of Rwhol- Evros

Background: Born as one of the Twin

Tempests, brothers with the powers of the

Darken Moon and Twin Divinity Dragon.

Preists of War, breed from the strongest

of the Clan Evros and his wife. They hold

the ability as all Evrostiras to summon the

Ancestral Spirits of their Clan. This being

wolves for the Evros Clan. Many others

hold other ancestral beasts, but many

Clans were whiped out, or put into a stasis

like sleep. Born under the two Blue

moons they are watchers over the Clans

head male. As Vash is the older male, this

would be him and the object known now as

the Obelisk. They hold Twin Towers that

lay adjacent to the spell weave of this

object. Spreading small crystal doubles in

the lands now held as Darkfire Territory.

They were trained as great knights, riding

the large wolves of their Plane, and can

summon them upon will. Part Elemental

Dragon and Wolven, these mounts fly,

planar travel, and charge. They were

awakened by Vash from the family Vault,

where they were shifted into Stasis sleep,

after the Plane fell in a great battle that

had Exiled Vash and Killed the Gods of the

Plane. Rave is the Quiet strategist of the

brothers, much like Vash. Loyal they

became to the Darkfire Queen and her

Ideal of unity of the Clan. She reminds him

a bit of their mother, but he had also fell in

love with her, a fact he denies himself,

much like the lust he holds for Destiny,

her daughter. Currently he lives in the

Towers of Darkfire Twins beside the

outskirts of Shadowed Obelisks Lands.

His works currently include the secret

proposition of a few select individuals of

power in the Realms. To start the

Zexquarius, a Darkfire Elite Cell. Already

he has sired three Women into the

Darkfire Clan. Abel has one, and is as

spontaneous as himself. Always a

slacker, except when protecting Justice,

Scarlett, Zazie, Sakura, Raist, and others

of Family. Known troublemaker but rather

charasmatic in the army and with ladies.

Plays shogi.

Techniques, Magic, & Abilities-

Innate Abilities: Regeneration, Ancestral

Call, Spiritual Presence, Healing Factor,

Immortality(Ageless), Time and Planar

manipulation, Elemental Resistance,

Divine Aura

Magic: Healing, Battle, Defence,


Techs: Card Mage, Knight, Mounted

fighting, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery,

Ion Tech, Pyro Tech, Auric Presence,

Ninjutsu, Sword Draw, Spirit Weapon

Weaponry & Armor-

Attire: Black and White Knightly Jacket,

Blue Shirt, Black Leather Pants, Combat


Armor: Shadow Wolf Knight Armor

Head: Half Helm

Upperbody: Breast Plate -


Arms: Bracers of Twinned Hearts

Hands: Gauntlets of Lupinus

Torso: Dragonscale

Legs: Greives of the Tempest

Feet: Combat Boots - Draist made

Weapons: Rave and Abel ( Dual

Scimitars), Unique/Magical/ Spirit/ Auric

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