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Post  Admin on Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:52 pm

Code Number: 34B


Real name-

First: Remy


Last: Acezeliyr

Code Name-

Alias': A.C.E Project , Xellioa

Race: Evrostrian/ Lupine


Marital Status: Single

Prefrences Sexual: Hetero

Height: 6'2

Weight: 125

Body Build: Athletic

Hand Dominance: Ambedextrious

Hair color: Light Blue

Hair Style: Medium

Eye color: Light blue/ Powers used they have blue lightning streaking iris'

Skin Color: Tan

Distinguishing Features-

Scars: Upon upper stomache X mark

Tattoos: King of Hearts around navel, A.C.E. upon back of neck, and X symbol upon left shoulder.

Mannerisms: Whistles when happy, cautious, Playfull


Likes:Women, Hard to get personalities, Dominant women, Drinking, Cards, Gambling, Laid back women, fruit. Hunting. Girl on Girl Entertainment.

Dislikes: Bossy attitudes, Work, Pain in the asses, responsibilities, Arrogance.

Moods: Shift Usually. Laid Back, Overactive Libido.

Attire: Silk and Leather outfits. Blue in color, black for pants. Trench, Leather and Vibranium mix.

Weapon: Telescopic staff, Vibranium and Adamant mix, Projectile Knives and Cards- Vorpal

Abilties: Skills include martial arts training, bo staff training, Accuracy profecient to Marksman, Telekinetically charge objects. Also Increased dexterity, speed, strength from this. And Last is Ta'vernis Luck. He is lucky, and very so to impact things and events around him. Telekinetic is big factor. Zylerian crystal upon bones.

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