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Vincent Rwhol (Apocalypse TrueZero

Information on Apocalypse

First Name: Vincent--Apocalypse

Middle Name:

Last Name:Rwhol

----- Description------
Age: Uncounted millenia

Race: Daemier. ( His Daemier stat came from the infusion of a Chaos Taint by the god Chaos. Lifeforces and a drop of blood from each went into the infusion, granting him the abilities of those beings. These Abilities are the full evolve and more powerful due to his base race.)

Height: 8'7


Hair color:Black with silver tips

Eye color:Crimson

Skin Tone:Reddish Tan

Physique:Mucular, Very

Distinguishing features: , Tattoo of Family crests upon shoulders and upper back, Sword peirce scar on upper sternum region and along lef pectoral,Silver streaks on tips of hair.

------- Abilities------

Innate: Hellfire Manipulation
Magic potential Increase
Genetic Manipulation
Elemental resistances and some magical resistances.
Psi Abilities.
Daemier Skills

Other: Matial arts, Strategic Command, Spellforger, Devilforger, Weapon forger

--------- Personality-------

Personality:Vincent tends to be more of a loner, pasing through areas to explore them. He belives his actions speak volumes for him, and shows a will that refuses to be broke. To freinds he is talkative and respects their ways, taking their advice to think over and perhaps find new ways to think about something. More tense from constant warefare, but handles himself fluidly with grace, and calm in face of danger. He leads his armies in the front, protecting them as they do him. Believes sitting in background and issuing orders is for old warriors.

Distinguishing Traits/Habits:Holds a few close freinds which he will give a person he trusts equall trust and his full percentage of respect and help. Feirce in Battle, making sure he does what it takes to insure safety to those whom fight beside him. Habits, loves the beauty of Gardens and solitude to think.

Likes: Collecting Rareities, Study of magics,Exploring lost ruins, Planeswalking, Strategic Archives, Building new outposts to open trade, Duels.

Dislikes: Rude Behavior, Destruction of beauty

--------- Alias, Titles,Work History,Backgrounds.

Title:Prince Of Vastrims throne, King of Hellzephyr, General of Baator ( A tittle rarely used, as his dealings with Baator are when they need him for important dealings.)

Alias:Blazing General, BlackFlare General, Death Dragon, Phoenix of Apocalypse

Family: Father:Kazart Rwhol- First Rwhol, Platinum Father


Siblings:Jebus, Zephyer, Rikka

Children: Dardast, Gabriella DuGrace, Caleb, Kross, Silvastranai

Background: Born on the planet Vastrim, Son of a God and Goddess, grew up upon the mortal plane known as ShadowFlare. As a baby his God Abilities were supressed by his Uncle, Chaos, and him and his brothers were tainted with seperat taints. He became a Daemier, a being who took the abilities of other beings and increased them to their greatest evolved form. Jebus, Became a Vampire Lord whom held no weaknessess of his kind, plus other abilities that were brought into being from within his genetic code. Zephyer Became a Werewolf, Stuck in this form and with resistances to elements and a great nature understanding to use his surroundings as weapon. Rikka is unknown, after their father and uncle fought a finall battle and accended from the mortal realms, she was taken by their mother to be raised away from any return Chaos might make. The boys were raised by Vladmire, a son of their fathers brother, and learned the way of warriors and magic. Each brother is in contrast different then the other in personality, prowess, and mannerisms.

During a planet wide war with Chaos' legions of death, the brothers were captured and made to do evil for their Uncles forces in other planes. Vincent became Baators General, the youngest at the time, and waged war against the Abyss and other realms and planes. He became their ideal of a perfect weapon, killing without remorse and destroying everything in sight. Back then he was given Soulstealer his ancestral blade and rank of General. Four Horsemen were created as his Lieutenants, and a large army at his disposal. Baators lords also relished in his own weapon creations, living and inanimate, creating a race of warriors unlike none before seen.During this time and almost endless Campaigns, he donned the persona Apocalypse, for he destroyed like the namesake.

After a long and bloody Blood War campaign, something deep within him awoke. A dragon esseance broke free from its chains, Chaos then knew fear as did his former leaders. Dragon wars were taken as he stole more spirits to fuel himself, becoming the Death Dragon. His skills and wisdom increased with this shorter period of time. He trained many who were brave enough to find him, incedently creating more Dragon Wars as his star pupil turned into his enemy. Sometime during these wars, he gained mortal emotions and protected his enemies hatchlings from the death that befell their mother. He was wounded in this battle, and killed his opponent and countless dragon followers of Sapphire. He found his Brother and left the eggs with him, by now Jebus was free of control, to raise. He changed back to a Daemier and continued under the Baator lords.

Freed not long after from Chaos, Vincent still deals with Baator, but also has his own going ons. His Castle is located within Vastrim and part in Baator. Since then he has adopted children and moved from King to General of many realms. Last Known he was an Ayen General whom fought in a few wars for the Darkfire Clan. Recently he was heading to Paragon with his son, to perhaps find a home within this new land.

Work History: General- Has worked as General for various Kingdoms and Empires. His long life usually sees the end of them under the rule of those whom rule without thought. Recent General Job Ayen , New Looking

Strategist- Uses timeless strategic campaigns and mixes them with his experiances to streangthen them.

War Wizard/ Weapon Forger- Excells in creating living weapons for those whom he works with, or his own army. Leads his own company mixed with those of he was ordered to train. Can create magical weapons to arm his troops with.

----------- Class/Sub Class,Weapons Description, Attire and Armor, Companions------

Class: War Wizard ( Basically a Fighter/ Mage/ Healer)

Sub Class:


Melee: Name: Soulstealer

Type: Claymore/ Unique/ Sentient

Ability: Magic channel
Elemental control

Personality: As serious as himself, offers help, and tactical advise

Size:Normal Claymore size


Tecniques:Five Star Slash
Abyssmal Negative Energy Bolts
Hellblaze Cresent slash
Dual Planner Impale
Execution Judgement
Ultimat offering to Oblivion














Head:Hood of trench at times

Neck:Amulet- this was made from a drop of his fathers Blood, all Rwhols wear one.


Arms Upper: Zyliear Plate, This is made from Crystilline from an ancient gem dragon.

Forearms: Manacles of Apocalypse

Hands: Leather gloves Black in hue.

Chest:Crimson silk shirt

Lower Body--

Legs and waist: Black leather pants ( also varies) Holds many pockets and chains. Also around his waist is the weapons belt with a pouch made to protect and hold his cards.

Feet:Secially designed Elvish Combat boots, soles hold tread like that of snipers boots.These offer him mobility in all elements and terrain, protection from otherwise hostile terrain ( ie. Lava, Ice, Spikes.)



Neck:Zyleir scales, no limit in mobility.


Arms Upper:Zyliear Plate, Part of his full plate

Forearms:Manacles of Apocalypse, transforming manacles( into Gauntlents), Symbiote armor like soulstealer ( Weapon and armor come from symboite fusion with him.)

Hands: Gauntlents made of Zyliear

Chest: Chest plate - Fullplate, fits like second skin and moves with his movements and weights next to nothing.

Lower Body--

Legs:Greives of same Zyliear as rest of set

Feet: Leather boots listed above.


Name: Zearos

Height:5ft, 25ft wingspan


Dist Features:Flames hold Platinum tips


Race:Black Flare Phoenix

Abilities:Ress, magic sheild, magic caster

Name:Last Right


Height: 5ft, 34ft wingspan

Weight: 25lbs

Dist Features:Platinum spikes and claws

Color: Black

Race: Black Flare Drake

Abililities: Unknown

Name: Night Stalker

Height: 5ft

Weight:255 muscular

Dist Features: Silver moon shape

Color:Pich Black with a silver cresant moon shape upon forehead

Race:Dire Wolf

Abilities:Shadow walk
summon shadow
Shadow stalk

Important Notes: Thanks to Aster (Sai) for the use of Char sheet. Also this is Incomplete, I have to look for the missing parts through one of the many notebooks, sorry for that innconvinence. Will Finish soon. Last Note, even though it says he was born from Gods, does not mean he can use such power, they are still suppressed. Also RP wise, I will adjust his skill level to fit any rpline if asked.

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