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Feurox Sul Necross Warrior_dark

Name: Feurox Sul' Necross

Age: 13 millenia

Race: Ancient one

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 165

Hair color: Goldish blonde

Eye color: Blue, with a soft green glow

Complexion: Pale yet life color when well fed

Abilities: Hell, abyss, holy magics, Blood magics, Various vampiric abilities, Psi abilities

Physical limitations:

Marital status: single

Education: Hell magic control, Chaos control

Family: Father:

Weapon(S): Longsword ( Darkshade's spell), Rapier ( Fireflow), Staff ( Demonwillow)

Companions: Three vampiress' ( Sareas, Ninthria, Lauranna), and unknown creature ( Thrase)

Major ambitions (goals): Unknown

Temperament: Varies upon mood

Gestures (mannerisms): enjoys beauty, will protect thing of beauty that catches his intrest, nobility and predetory grace in one.

Volume of speech: Strong

Pitch of voice: Low


Aliment: Chaotic/ Neutral

Background: This anceint one hold vampiric pure blood in his veins. He rests within the Depths of the dark citedel until he is once more ready to make his appearance known or is called by the General. The three sisters and his beastly companion await his arrival back into the realms.

( This profile is only until I can revise it and get a better prof layout. )

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