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Zack and Al Evros Empty Zack and Al Evros

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Zack and Al Evros 1-92

First Name: Zack

Last Name:Everos

Nickname: Zack

Height: 6'2

Weight: 135

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: White

Distinguishing features: Scars upon chest

Attire Type: Normal, tore jeans

Brood Powers: Psionics
Jackal Form ( Two headed, six tails when at full Psi Brood)

Other Powers: Natural Charm

Background: A genius in the feilds of science and machanics, graduated college at nine, wealthy parents left him in charge of the corporation. Runs his own departments of scientific studies. Graduated law school at 15, joined the forces soon after, connections with CIA, FBI, and secret Intell division. Has a brother and sister with powers aswell, came to this town not long ago, in teaching position at the High School

Zack and Al Evros Wes

First Name: Al

Last Name: Everos

Nickname: Al

Height: 5'4

Weight: 112

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Distinguishing features: Scar upon left side

Attire Type: Professional

Brood Powers: Water Manipulation

Other powers: Light Psi

Background: Zacks younger brother, same genius as his brother, but slower in going through school. Loves to learn, always gets A's. Helps other out, and tries to keep family together, and Zack out of trouble.

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