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Upon the Fith, level of the Obelisk the family room of the Evros Darkfires would be found, the only floor the servants would be restricted to loyalties, such as the bodies marked with certain markers to limit anything trying to impersonate them. Most of the Servants that lived here on this floor had no life to them to be called upon. They were no more then dolls. And now one of those attended to the needs of the Aunt of blood. She was Vashs Sister, the younger one that had once followed his fisrt 'wife'. The Dark Goddess, and she looked no more then one herself, the Devil blood was not Darkfire, but it was there all the same. The woman was Kira Evros Rwhol. Married to the General of Hell. Zayne Alexander Rwhol. The Black rose as many called him. For he was a handsom man and his families charm was very evident in him. He could control many women with just presence and look.

Though not his wife, no, she had worked under the Baatorian lords, and killed the slug like lord himself to assume his throne to her lover. He ruled there, a very position he left for the being that looked like him. While he planewalked to accomplish missions for Asmodeus, a being that he was not afraid of, like many were. He understood the lord, and hed amnesty in his fathers name. Vincent, the Apocalypse incarnate. Kira was sitting upon a chair made for her, in her quarters, a study for her to think and plan. It was almost time, time to set the Obelisk into motion. She would be writting a letter, when the door opened and her personal advisros came in. The women she trusted and knew she could, for they were her loving daughters with her Rwhol Husband.

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