Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance.

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Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance. Empty Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance.

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Western Alliance Council

Shadowed Obelisk

Zazie Evros-Darkfire.

Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance. Manga-wallpaper-on-night-magic-1024-768-01532

Zylerian Order of Kazart

Clairessa Xes'Vandier

Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance. Manga-wallpaper-sirene-1024-768-01804

Annabelle Caverie

Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance. Manga-image-belle-fille-0864

Dark Coven

Tracy Zu' Ceryn

Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance. Cover-manga_couvertur

Ava Zeras

Council Members of Obelisk: Western Alliance. Manga-1

Shadowed Obelisk- This is a Planner Construct, an Obelisk that really resides upon another world. This is but one of the many copies the real can make to touch to other planes and realms. An ancient building that once housed the Preists and Priestess' of a Dark Goddess. It had been home to the Evros Darkfire Family since Vash killed the Goddess and most of the world the origional lays upon. Though they are Darkfire, they are loyal to Justice and not the Patriarch whos name is not to be mentioned. Vash gave this part of the Obelisk to his Daughter, whom travelled to Sharvani.

Zazie Evros Darkfire- Queen of the Obelisk in Sharvani. She is a Kind ruler and more like her dad them mother. She was born to the Dark Goddess and Vashric Evros. She is loving of her new mother Scarlett, whom she models herself out like, all but a few things. Her brother is her Guardian and lays in the new lands of Deysheil in Amaranthus. He is in love with Zazies' best friend and ruler of Deysheil Ammona. Zazie is single, and fun loving, though her twin colored eyes can hold the same hawkish peircing as her fathers.

Zylerian Order of Kazart- This part of the Western Alliance is an old Rwhol party. Preists and Mages dedicated to the God of Light and Rebirth. Its members are understanding and do not shun non worshiping races. All races have been welcomd under its banner, and since Zazie of the Shadowed Obelisk is a Priestess of Kazart, relations are wel. Trade is abundant as it is located near the seaside.

Clairessa Xes'Vandier: One of the ledgendar Merfolk and Head of the Order. She and her sister priestesses have come together to bring both Sea and Land into an alliance. Thus healping one another in their trading, and life. She is strong, and is said to be a chosen of the Ancient Daemierian God VIncent. Aswell as Kazart, his faher. She is sai to be birthed of Vincent and a Merwoman.

Annabelle Caverie: Not much is known about this Mage whos powers name her a Sister of Light. She is not a very outgoing conversationalist, and yet commands those in a room with but a glance. She is beautiful and born to the Western streaches of Rweis.

Dark Coven- An orginization that has come into power recently. Known for its famous Battlemages, Battle Dragons and the Witched Coven of Xez Erin. Many distrust the Coven and even their own appresntice gathering is like a slave trade. Why they are in the Alliance is a mystery. But their power is welcomed and thus talks are short.

Tracy Zu' Ceryn: A dark elf lass in her early hundreds. She holds fair skin and Moonelf lineage. She is the Head of the Coven, and rules well and somewhat peacefull to the other members. She is powerfull and rides the great Wyrm Goldeianizx. He himself is her constant guard.

Ava Zeras: Young and naivee with a streak for trouble. She is the second of the Coven, and others look down at her, until she removes their magic through her abilities. No one laughs then.

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