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In the land ruled by the ancients of this mans family, well once this mans, what was a man, the tower would appear. This place was magically built and sustained by the nature of elements itself. Large over a thousand feet tall, and wider then many of the palaces of this land. It was here the seed was born, the very heart of the tower, and a keystone that connected the fabrics of this reality to others similar, if not alternate. Yes here in the Tower or Paradox was a man, or as amny knew him as the beast. A Riddle most unkind to the light, and morals of his once blood related kin. He was everything dark, in them. When they shed the darkness, it gathered in this tower, and in essance into this man. He was once Braythan Rwhol, Lover of a certain Egyptian Vampiress. But that man was no more, he had, died.

And from this dying came six of his former titles, all of them worse then the next, and each a ruler of a level within the tower. Here upon the top, in a room made to his liking, sat Riddle. A strong fighter and skilled man, but also a very interesting Riddle that held mystery as his name implied. Here he would move his tower, close to his old family, and here, he resumed his reign. He was toned, tan skin taunt over corded mucles, though it was not this that was deadly. It was that which rested in his eyes, intellect gathered over millenia, and a not a drop of morality to be found. He had given it to his daughter, all of it. So he was free, to shift the sands of time, and change destinies. Like he did for his newest 'pet'. Dominique.

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