A suprise or a loved one. ( Ace and Lady Callia)

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A suprise or a loved one. ( Ace and Lady Callia) Empty A suprise or a loved one. ( Ace and Lady Callia)

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The pack would be padding around the stream, the pups playing and their mothers and fathers scouting the feild for threats and food. It was dinner time for the Pack, and even more for the two that stood as their Alphas. Ace smiles as he placed a blanket upon the ground, a soft area picked for this days Supper time rest. He knew Callia would be along, had left a note to her in the Cottage they shared. They needed no kingdom, but the one she may one day return to rule. He wanted only to be beside her. Her mate, her Husband, and her Love. She was his heart, his egyptian goddess of love. Her outfits always hinted at the beauty she held, soft skin blossoming like a newly opened flower. He could say more about such a phrase, about tasting the sweet nector, but it need not be implied. She was the fruit, one bite and you knew Bliss eternal. Callia, the beauty of his dreams. Ace could not help but smile and think of her, at such peacefull times.

His actions continued as he placed two places, silverware and plates, then the food itself. Had brought a basket, food cooked himself. Seafood Bounty of Crab, Fish, Mollusks, fried fish, fried rice, sushi, and some vegetable and fruit dishes. Some fruit pastries and tarts and cream aswell. Chocolate and whip cream and strawberries for...later. He smiled lighting some candles with his powers, affinity with wind and fire. Everything had to be perfect, this night was for them, a chance to be free of duty and the very intrusions of outside world. This was their spot, given by Sauna and Abel. A sanctuary for their pack, for them, and perhaps her family to once more walk the lands. He admired Snow, respected her Twin brother, and even Wind had his honored respect. He would not get her, but she was family, and stronger then him by far. He laughed at the tingling sensation her mark gave him. Where she had marked him with her talents and bite. It told him she was near, but fully the bond was unknown fully to him.

The pups would walk over to him, and bite his boots, their playfullness so very childish. But it would help them grow strong, into future members. Like their own kids, when such a time came. for now it was them, in a budding relationship. To explore their love, the lands, and walk into the future.

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