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Chars Creator: Randall Halstrom

Chars Info

First Name: Vaan

Middle Name:Ivan

Last Name:Rwhol

Alias: Blue Knight

Titles: Azure Bolt, Desires Defender, Prince of House Rwhol


Char Descriptions

Race:Rwholian Vampire

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225 lbs

Eye color: Azure

Hair color: Silvery White

Hair Style: Short

Skin color: Tanned

Distinguishing marks-

Scars: NONE

Tattoos: Blue Dragon snaking up arm, Tat with Anhk shaped knife with a viper curled around it. Family crest upon shoulders

Other: Runes of ancient text wrote upon back


Innate: Regeneration
Magic Essence sight
Keen senses
Dispell Talent

Acquired: Dragon Bond
Azure Armor Effects
Some magic resistance
Trained as Shinobi
Trained in Samurai

Fighting Styles: Magic proficent, Dispelling Guard, Martial arts, Jutsu, Tai jutsu, Genjutsu, Sword Techniques, Iai attacks. Energy Channel

Class: WarWizard

Subclass(s): Warrior, mage, Preist, theif

Techniques: Shattering Mind, Occular Jutsu, Water and lightning Style Jutsu and manipulation

Unique Techniques: Elemental Manipulation, Prophecy, Dispelling art, Weapon mastery of Spirit control


Kenkai- Genkai:




Melee: Greatsword/Unique/ Sentient
Twin Scimitars/ Unique
Katana and Wakazashi/ Ancestral/ unique

Mid Ranged: Staff/ Unique/ Snake style Expansion

Long Ranged: Whirlwind/ Unique/ Heart seeker


Head: Circlet crown

Body: Trench( Light Blue/magical symbiote)
Silk shirts in blue hues

Hands:Leather gloves with Zylerian and admiantium inside coating

Legs: Pants ( Leather/ Black)

Feet: Combat Boots-Elven made


Head: Helm of Azure

Body: Full plate of Azure

Legs: Same

Feet: Combat boots- Elven made

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