The worlds apart, Brothers.

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The worlds apart, Brothers. Empty The worlds apart, Brothers.

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Abel would be walking through the town, the people bowing and nodding greetings to the Lord of the Twin towers. He smiled and returned it and even hugged and shook hands of a few. He knew many of these people, brought them here in the Exodus from the old realms. Abel nodded and missed his wife at his side, He had recently chosen his love from the one he had turned into a Deviless and took Advice from.She was sexy, orienetal and even deadly with her skills in assassination and espionage. He trusted her with all his heart, and recently they had chosen each other to be their only mate. It brought a relaxed feeling to his muscles and a skip to his step. Blue trench would sway lightly upon the movment of his legs. He wore no shirt this day, it was nice and warm, so he would seek a cool breeze.

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