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glowed like those of a wolf, even the pupils carried this trait. Vash's cousin was in prestine shape, well muscled after the war and trained day in and out. His shirt was a tight fabric, black as night, and slit three times at the ribs on each side. It covered him like his skin covered his muscles, those that flexed as he pulled himself up a tree, his claws sinking deep into the ancient oaks.

Ace, would then take a seat upon a branch, leaning his back against the trunk. Eyes peirced for miles, through all sorts of things, even magical essences. And more then him had been freed, the trench once worn in Stasis, was let free, his pack roaming the woods to feed upon the wildlife of this realm. He sensed them, revelled in their hunt, and finally in their bloody kill of a stag. A smile slipped upon his lips, as he hummed an old hunting song of LupisEvros.

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