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Keanna Tokai 20070716_142_kunoichi

First Name: Keanna

Last Name: Tokai

Alias: None

Affiliation: None

Race: Half-Elven

Gender: Female


Marriage Status: Single

Body Build: Athletic



Hair Color:Brown

Hair Style: Long

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Pale

Distinguishing Features: None

Personality: Shy, Withdrawn, Bold

Likes: Making it by another day, idiots with heavy coin purses.

Dislikes: Stealing from others in the same situation as her, assassinating for coin.

Temperment: Silent, Coldly tempered through life on her own.

Training: Trained by her father in the precepts to the War of the Seven Gates.

Weapons: A 22 inch Wakizashi usually at her back, a single nightshade poisoned tamo(hidden dagger), and four poison(paralysing poison) tipped throwing daggers.


Father: Hiro Tokai

Mother: Unknown


Keanna is the only daughter of the master swordsman Hiro Tokai, her mother supposedly an elf maiden who paid her respects to the roving swordsman for aiding in the defense of her homeland. Never named by her father, Keanna grew up without the knowledge of her mother, or even the fact she was a half-breed. At age eight, she lost her father to the War of the Seven Gates. A war that was fought between several warring human Lords in ages past. The only thing left to her, his knowledge of the blade, trained into her from the moment she could walk. The only thing her warlike father had to offer to his poor daughter.

Cast out on the streets, she grew up from childhood as a pick pocket, relying on unwise nobles with thick coin purses to buy bread and water. Desperation took wing as Keanna grew older, and she eventually began selling her services as an assassin, but soon became disgusted with the travesities she was forced to commit in order to receive payment. Keanna now wanders from town to town, pilfering money from those who can do with parting it where she can, refusing to steal from the poor unless the direst of circumstances intervene.


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