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Calleb Agustus AnimeGuy18


First Name: Calleb

Middle: Alexander

Last: Agustus

Alias: Divided Stream

Race: Evrosthian

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Height: 6'1

Weight: 225

Hair color: Purple

Hair length/style: medium

Eye color: Violet


Father: Vincent Agustus

Mother: Seiane Xeria

SIblings: Raece


Likes: Drinking, Gambling, Poetry, Drawing

Dislikes: Sensless fighting, Arrogance, Hate

Manners: Gentlemanly

Skills: Sword Master, Hunting, Tracking, Magic, Mild Psionics, Regeneration

Attire- Black shirts, coats, pants, boots

Weapon: Andacor- Greatsword

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