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Behind the desk a man sat, his hair in the process of shifting from a night black, to a dim grey. He was talking to two large men, standing next to his desk. His eyes were filled with malice, the anger making those greens shimmer like emerals. But to the two muscular men, they were headlights centered upon them, boring into their beings. The old man would shift his poise, leaning over as he let his index finger slam onto the file. It was a file of some length, personel file of one of his companies females. Her picture fell from the clip holding it to her personal info. " I said I wanted her Killed, the Bitch knows to much." Saliva flew as the man yelled to his muscle. Hired bodyguards. " Next time you give me some Bullshit excuse, you'll join the late Mr. Wallace."

This made even these ruthless killers blanche, paling their skin by two hues. Something not easy for the largest man, his tanned skin dark from his homelands sun. Back when he was just some little drug smuggler from cuba. Another looking in, might see the body that lay against the wall, the man had been hung up by his wrists being nailgunned to the thick walls studds. Then what was inside the man had been pulled out why the man was living, the work of a third man, this one asian and leaner. His face calm as he watched the boss and the remaining squad. His sword resheathed, after being wiped clean upon the dead mans tattered shirt.

" Get the Hell out of here, and kill her, and this Specter." His tone loud enough to send them running into eachother, to run out the now open door. " If they Fail, kill them." He spoke to the remaining man.

Across the street, standing in the arms of one of the old buildings gargoyles, a man in a white trench let the scope align with his A.I. Unit. A light would blink upon the side of the sniper rifle. It held the mans position, behind the bullet proof glass. With the right additioni it would allow the projectile to penetrate either the glass or the steel divider. But he would not kill the man yet, he was here to watch the shift changes and instead take out a secondary target. Slowly upon the glasses a womans files came up, the same as the old mans. But his was accurate to even what she was doing at this minute. For he was the one that was protecting her down town. But her friends might be in danger, so he waited until the men stepped out of the office building, and pulled the trigger once. The bullet was sent off, a magnetic accelerator, to make the bullet peirce them both, right through the first mans temples, and into the last mans sternum. This done, Specter would fade into the light shifting trench, his weapon dismantled with speed of a military vet. And soon, he would walk down the back fire escape and into a bar.

The bar was packed with the usual groups of patrons. Everything from the Bikers to the Businessmen off from work early. This bar served the hard liqour and the ale from around the world. For the right price one might even enjoy a bottle of wine, from an old date of make. Such were rarities except on the weekend when the richer patrons gathered to toast some thrill in their life. His eyes scanned the room, making for any usuall friends or other aquaintinces. In his other life, one made enough so called friends, and those one could trust with there life. Most just hangers on, knowing the man was well funded and held a light business title. President of a computer firm, working on A.I. and robotronics. Specter smiled, and eased into his booth, always open and reserved on a higher balcony. The waitress' would know him and offer him the usual wine, and make sure the glass did not run empty for long.

There was suddenly a form next to him, a large man, but the creases in his skin and those wary blue eyes, would speak the mans age. An elderman from down the street, a war vet with which he had come to know by questions of the War. Said it was a survey, but the info served him in his other profession. He smiled, and offered the seat across from him. " Hey Siege, whats an old blood hound like you doing here this early." A statment which got a laugh from the man. He was friendly, unlike many others in the bar. Had been a patron of this establishment, back when it was just Barney's Pub.

Ole Seige, would offer a smile to his young friend. And one known for paying for the best beverage a man could want. In truth he knew the man. Had fought beside his Grandfather in the Old War. One that had left him scarred in both physical and mental ways. But today was a good day, he could feel it in his bones. And soon a drink would appear infront of him. A good ole scotch on the rocks. His favorite, and a good tool to take the flashbacks away. His wife would be at home, always chatting with her sister or playing bridge with the ladies. So he had come to the bar, awaiting a war buddy or two. And found instead Good ol' Vace. Stories about the mans grandfather and his time in the war, would be told as if fond memories. Few from that horrible time of man verses man.

Vace smiled and listened to the tales, those of chasing women of the Land he had fought in. Overseas delicacies in the reastraunts on leave. All sorts of tales that Vace listened to and always found interesting. it was as if the man was a natural story teller, the images flashed into Vaces mind with such strength. Perhaps the man was one of the few Telepaths from the older generations, or just the strength of character thrown into the story. Vace smiled, and kept paying for the drinks of them both, letting the tips to the waitresses draw the attention he wanted. That way they surely brought them refills before even a half cup was washed down the gullet. He smiled, they were friendly girls, those he had come to know their names. All working where they could, for rent or even college courses. Seige was a great man, had served in the medical and commando squads. And even gave the young man things he had picked up. This day it was a bullet from the war, magnesium hollows. Dangerous and deadly the bullets burned into those shot. Making them effective, though not so honorable as Seige liked to say. Hell give the man a club and he'd be happy whacking away close range. But the war changed him from those days, and the burdens clearly echo'ed in his eyes.

Vace patted Seige on the back, as he got up to use the restroom, knowing the man needed time alone. And he needed to store the weapons. This bar held a convey system built in to send his weapons home. It would not do to lug the case, with evidence of his kills. So he pushed a hidden handle in the restroom, and a tube oened, large enough for the case. Then he sent it on its way, with another turn, masking the handle with a picture of an old drunk sitting lopsided on a mule.

Later..... He would come out, and re take his seat, drinking alittle with Seige, before heading home for the night. Paying for the cab to make sure Seige got home safely to his wife. Whom no doubt, knew whom he had caught up with. He was a welcome addition to their home at dinners, and she cooked him things, and sent them over to him at times. Worried he was to skinny.

Vace smiled as he walked to his place, a refurnished firehouse with attaching old syle hotel. Something he love to rent out to those looking for a place to live. He knew well how hard it was in this neighborhood, and the population of the homeless. He offered them a place to live, and if he could find one, a job. Many times he could find only a small working location nearby, a cafe, or the like. But it was a start many did not have. In the firehouse he would throw his trench upon the chair, and move into the kitchen. Opening the fridge he already knew the answer, empty. He sighed and grabbed a last night left over box of mushu. It was warm from being left out, but he had ate worse. Aquiring some chopsticks he would take a seat upon the beat up sofa.

A click to the remote and the tv would turn on, channel changed until something caught his eyes. Normally cartoons, old ones with a bird and coyote chasing along a 2D background. This getting a smile and laugh as the anvil bought by the coyote turned into his own painfull suprise. He did not need to live this way, but did, something of his childhood growing up. His boots would take the tabletop, and he would lean back and try eating his dinner.

Chopsticks moved like a surgeons scalpel, cutting meat to smaller size bites. His dinner would soon be gone, added to the many containers from wongs' Dragon. Washing it down with a dew, Vace leaned back and relaxed. His fingers moving deftly over the remotes buttons. A special one, would open a hidden drawer next to the sofa. Inside was his companion, a crystal powered magnum. The bullets all different for uses. Each marked with a colored shell casing. Even the stun rounds hurt, maybe fatal if fired u close, but it worked on the men he was hired to kill. Upstairs the sound of water running marked an awakening of Melody or Saundra. Melody was his younger sis, a teenager with enough sassy remarks to warrant trouble.

Saundra was the girl he was to protect, a files caseworker for a big company that now wanted her dead. All because she knew things she was better off not finding. But, Fate was hell like that, a dirty Bastard whom came calling when you needed no bad in your life. Vace smiled as he seen the still wet form of Saundra come down the stairs. The towel barely holding up, under the weight off her rather voluptuous form. Breasts swelling to almost fall out, not that he ould mind, and when she bent over her backside was giving a hell of a show. Shaved...

A clearing of the throat made her stand upright fast, as Melody stood in front of her ass. " Vace you pig." She said throwing him a limpining stare. Then ushered her new friend into the kitchen, and their private refrigerator, well stocked he added. And then he went upstairs, thougths of her back as he took a turn in the shower.

A twist of the knobs would get the water to the right temp, showerhead shooting forth a myriad of geysers. The water hitting against the tile inside of the shower. It was large, had the seat built in to the design, for those occasions of relaxing, or perhaps something else. The steam filled the shower, and drifted in the bathroom, like some mist in low plains. He was no more then a dark shadow shrouded by the vaporous steam. Warm water rushed upon his form, soothing the muscles and skin. redded by the heat, but feeling so very good. He listened to the dripping flow of the shower head, as he closed his eyes. Hand upon the wall, he let the stress of things go out from his mind and body. It was this way that the A.I. would find him, tuning him in to the sound of a report from the news.

" Today an unknown assailent, shot and killed two businessmen and a secretary. Saundra was killed in the attack, she was a loving mother of a son, and only daughter to her still living mother. She was killed today when a gunman shot and killed her two collegues. The bullet killing them was something the police have not seen in some time. This might tie into the murders of downtown business men from the red light district." On the reporter went, but the sound was cut off. By the A.I., its job done, it would move on to its other tasks.

Not long after Melody would come on the wall phone/ television. Her face in shock as she had seen the report, from downstairs. " They have her dead? Why would they do that?" He moved from the wall, he was leaning on in relaxation. And looked back at his sister. " So that way they can hunt her through her friends and family. Her reported dead, and they will come to see, making her know they can kill anyone she cares about, if not all at the same time." His voice calm.

" But..." Melodies voice strained, as if trying to think it through, to have heard him wrong..

His hand shut the phone off, and rested his head against the wall, thinking on this new outlook. He sighed, and it mixed with the sound of water, trailing across his form. His back was turned, thus he missed the shadowed form open the door. Sliding into the shower beside him, and lying a hand upon his shoulder. Saundra was there, naked beside him. Her voice coming low, as she apporached him. " Please don't give me up. I don't want to die." She said, tears in her eyes.

As her fingertips reached his shoulder, she would seem to pause, and pull her hand back. Something felt weird about the skin, though she couldn't see what. He pulled further into the steam, hiding it, and moving away from her. " You figure, now that they have you dead, your account will be frozen. Can't pay me for protection? So instead you offer yourself to me, like I am a Mercenary, whom takes payment one way or another." He said, not facing her, not turning. His eyes were narrowed, and his fist was clenched tight, knuckles whitening.

" Yes, i have no other way to pay you." She spoke back, tears still there, and confusion. The way he looked at her, surely he wanted too....

" Get out, now." He spoke, his throat held a lump, and anger made it worse. " Go, out of here." He ordered. " There is a phone on my bed, call the last dialed number. It will reach your Mother, and Daughter. They are with a friend of mine. I knew they would rush, if this happened. So I sent help. Go now, and talk to your daughter." He said, demanding now. His fury, barely contained. His muscles Bulging under the tan skin.

She hesitated, and touched his shoulder again, moving in. And she seen it, the weird feeling. His left shoulder and part of the right, were no more then scar tissue over muscle. Muscle rebuilt, by his nano machines. And skin, that of a burn victim, his healing not able to regenerate it fully. She moved her hand, placing it over her mouth. And gasped as he turned upon her, his hands slamming against the wall on both sides of her. " I said go. You not understand English Saundra. Go talk to your daughter, and be happy she is alive. And let her Know you love her." He said, this time, moving her out, and slamming shut the shower door.


4 Years ago......

Young Vace, a scientist, from colledge, mastering in age 12. His projects, nanomachines, and well paid by his own fathers company and lab. It was here that they met. Him and a young man with a nose for trouble, and bad luck mixed with uncanny luck. Dace Raezyr. Both young genius' fresh from the school, and in the business of earning a great living. One night, Dace's girlfriend, is shot in front of him, at a movie theater. Off in rage, he takes on the name Specter, and hunts down the men responsible, using the newest weapons from the Xenocos Labs. Along with him is Vace, his sidekick and best friend.

Later Taking the name Specter, Vace hears of a crime syndicate, working as a business front. The business, a foundation offering money to women whom husbands are in between jobs, to help pay for living. The crime family, was secretly, making the women work as whores, for the pleasure of business men whom paid big money, for married women fixes. One case would bring Vace in, and even though he saved one woman. The Crime family, sent in a woman, begging his help to shut them down. Taking the bait, Vace, goes in, under the guise of a business man. And when he gets to the room, they were waiting. The woman was one of their boss's, a cruel heartless dominatrix. She tied him to the wall, lashed off his shirt, leaving him beaten and bruised. Fighting back, Vace, tipped over a candle, starting a fire. The flames lept fast by the special oils, and furnishings. Tied and unable to get free, he was burned baddly, on his left shoulder. And right, as he dislocated it, and freed himself. Many refused his help to be free of this, either hooked on drugs, or so used. So he left them, all but the one that had scarred him. She now walks the roads, not far away. Her mind shattered, and thinking her a small girl, raised in the streets.

End Flashback......

His lessons of such women, and betrayal, had been his anger to Saundra. Offering herself just for help.

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