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Life after Love Empty Life after Love

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Life after Love

Love in the begining is enrapturing
It grows like a rose with gentle and continuous care
When it blooms your heart seems to melt away, into a better time
Your eyes seem to twinkle with their fill of wonder
And, desire ignights a burning passion within your heart and soul
Even your essance seems to glow with rays of heavens light
But after love fades away, you fall apart, feeling again incomplete
Your heart is torn and tattered, a prisoner of sadness
All emotions rage to change you, almost into another person
A soul once light hinges upon the shadows of darkness for cover and sheilding
Hatred and sorrow seem your only freinds in lifes struggles
Body, soul, and personality diminish into an ever increasing abyss
A mind once strong, grows tangled upon the edge of insanity
Another try at love, salvation? Or perhaps another step upon the beastial regression
An Apocalypse, or a heavenly freind
For me destruction came to me in a form
So much an angel she appeared, stole my heart like a theif, and crushed it thouroughly
Can a broken and shattered me be saved.....
It seems my soul and mind will always be lost in darkness

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